• Welcome to AMUOBSAS Members Welfare Forum.
  • Samiti has not called any General Body Meeting (GBM) after launching of the project since last one year
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Slideshow Image 1 Site of N3 Tower (3rd July, 2011, 4:00 PM)
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Welcome to A.M.U Old Boys Sahakari Avas Samiti Members Welfare Forum

As we all are well aware the initiative taken in Feb, 2010 by the AMU Old Boys Association, Delhi to form group housing society in NCR with the intention to provide good and affordable accommodation with a MOSQUE inside the society which is really appreciable. The Mosque as a main attraction for all of us, we immediately grabbed this opportunity and booked a unit in the society being developed by the M/S Supertech Limited at Eco Village-1 through the AMUOBSAS. But some where from Feb. 2010 to Jan 2011the AMUOBSAS management failed in its obligation to handle the matters with developer properly.

As a matter of fact we all are aware the first letter of allotment was served to us in the month of Sep-Oct.2010 which had a lot of discrepancies and against the many of the commitment made by the Samiti and developer as per the signed MoU. The Samiti officials were not able to address the issues and convince the memberís grievances. After intervention of some of the members in Delhi it was sent back to the builder for redrafting which was again re-served in the month of Jan. 2011 after the approval of the legal committee constituted by the Samiti, headed by Mr. Jamshed Bey, which too had major issues untouched. Therefore in the evening of Feb. 5th 2011 around 25 members went to Samiti office together and discussed the matter with the Samiti officials and also consulted with Justice Fakhruddin sb (Retd.) and redrafted the whole Allotment Letter incorporating the valuable suggestions given by Justice Fakhruddin Sb and the members spending whole night in the Samiti office along with Mr. Mohsin Israily (Secretary). This allotment letter was offered to the builder on Feb.9th 2011 by the Samiti and had a meeting with its official headed by Mr. G. L. Khera (Director- Project) in their office.